Deckchair is a chair with a wooden frame that is characterized by good protection against external influences (rain, wind, sun) in order to be as durable as possible, because it is intended to stand on the beach or by the pool. The seat is made of high-quality, almost non-stretchable synthetic canvas that does not absorb water. Standard armchairs from our production have 3 backrest positions, as well as armrests.

Deckchair is intended for rest and lounging, primarily on beaches or cruise ships. It is also used in restaurant gardens, as well as for relaxing by the pool. It is collapsible and very light for carrying, as well as for longer transport, so you can take these chairs with you on vacation.
A large number of hotels and restaurants on the beaches of the Montenegrin coast have chosen our deckchair models, because they have proven to be very durable and long-lasting. If the client wishes, there is the possibility of printing the logo on the canvas or sewing the emblem. Deckchairs are produced in a natural color, but they can be made in another variant as per the client’s request. The color of the canvas is also a matter of the client’s choice, if it is about larger quantities.

The price of deckchair is 40 Euros. These chairs are easily portable, so we can deliver them to your home address. The price of transportation on the territory of Serbia is about 700 dinars by courier service. For a larger number of chairs, this price can be significantly lower.