About us

About us tells our products but in a few words Kolibica LLC can be described as a company engaged in wood processing and production wooden accessories, wooden advertising material, wooden packaging, barrels, and many otherwooden products.

In addition to making various wooden products, we also deal with furnishing and decorating interiors in restaurants, bars, cafes, and businesses. Our products, in addition to their quality, are recognizable on the market for their refined design and as such have found their way to the largest regional and global companies.

In addition to the region, our products have also reached the most remote corners of the world, such as Canada, the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand, which we are particularly proud of.

about us - kolibica

Our numerous clients are the most famous regional and world companies such as Zepter, Hyatt, Messer, TV Pink, nov@ TV, B92, Plantaže, Fruvita, Sportina, Pro Credit Bank, and many others.