Wooden haberdashery

Wooden objects intended for gifting are very popular. Various wooden items are ideal as corporate gifts. They are usually given as gifts on occasions such as retirement, jubilees or anniversaries, New Year holidays, etc. These items are intended both for company employees and for gifting to your business partners, as they are adaptable to your requirements. People are always happy when they receive an object made of wood as a gift because they know that a lot of effort was put into its creation.

A lot of work and dedication of craftsmen was invested in the production of wooden haberdashery intended for gifting and promotion of your company. Many operations in the production of haberdashery are done manually, so a high-quality product requires great knowledge and experience. From cutting the material into boards, drying or steaming, through later cutting into thin plates according to measurements, making elements, processing them and assembling them into the final product, all the way to making the final details, every step must be carried out with great care, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients.


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