225 liter wooden barrel with stand (barrique) is produced of oak wood – Wooden barrels can be with galvanized or black rings.

The wine should mature in an oak barrel. Although fermentation in a wooden barrel can add a specific and complex flavor to the wine, today it is common for the wine to mature in large cisterns and then be poured into barrels for maturation.
Oak can add a variety of aromas and flavors to wine, such as butter, vanilla, anise, coconut, cloves, caramel, or cinnamon. Serbian oak can add a much stronger aroma than French oak (Quercus pedunculata and Q. sessiflora). In the production of barrique barrels, we use sedum oak and Medunac oak. A 225-liter barrel has two rails that are 50 mm wide (in the middle of the barrel) and two rails that are 40 mm wide each (at the ends of the barrel).

We produce barrique barrels in 3 levels of toasting – light, medium, and strongly toasted barrels.

These barrels have galvanized hoops as standard, but according to customer requests, in accordance with their needs, we can also make them with black hoops. Also, we can brand barrels, if necessary.