Wooden grill tongs are an indispensable kitchen aid for all housewives. They are made of quality beech and can be used for mixing and pouring salads. The length of the grill handle is 40 cm. The flat parts can be printed or laser engraved with logos, and are also suitable as gifts at presentations. The standard length of the grill tongs is 35 cm, but at the customer’s request, grill tongs of other dimensions can be made.

Prices of grill tongs:

100-500 pieces – 0,50 Eur
500-1000 pieces – 0,45 Eur
1000-5000 pices – 0,40 Eur
10000 pices – 0,35 Eur



Do not keep wooden mixing spoons and kitchen boards submerged in water, as they will deform. Boards and wooden mixing spoons should be washed and dried immediately after use. If they have retained unpleasant odors from food, they should be occasionally scrubbed with a sharp brush dipped in a mixture of salt and vinegar, and then rinsed under a stream of warm water.