Whiskey and cigar board is an exclusive product for real hedonists.

A first-class strong cigar and single malt whiskey are synonymous with enjoying the purest aroma and as such logically represent an ideal combination. Of course, we must not forget that this is a double-edged sword, excessive enjoyment of cigars and drinks can significantly endanger human health. After all, the beauty of relaxing with aromatic smoke lies in the uniqueness of the experience. If it is repeated too often and uncontrollably, it becomes just an ugly habit. That’s why from the very beginning of the formation of the attitude of the connoisseurs is moderation. It is the only way into the long-term plan of discovering new tastes and sensations that all this brings…

Boards for whiskey and cigar are made of oak, with metal details that give them a rustic look.

Board prices:

Up to 10 pcs. – 20 Eur
10-50 pcs – 15 Eur
over 50 pcs. – 10 Eur
over 100 pcs. – 8 Eur.


Engraving is not included in the price.
At the request of the customer, we apply a logo or other text on the products by laser printing and CNC (machine wood carving).
Product dimensions are not fixed