Restaurant tray is produced of beech wood.

Tray dimensions

Smaller: 39.5×27.5 cm
Larger: 45.5×30 cm

Due to their shape, the trays are ideal for branding, be it printing or laser engraving. At the customer’s request, cork can be placed over the tray, which prevents it from sliding.

Prices of wooden trays:
up to 10 pcs. – 6.50 EUR/pc.
10-50 pcs. – 6,10 Eur/pc.
50-100 pieces – 5,80 Eur/pc.
over 100 pcs. – 5,45 Eur/pc.

Four uses of a wooden coaster

Alternative use
JARS – Spices that you would normally bring to the table, put them on a wooden tray. There can be olive oil, basil, sea salt, pepper.

Alternative use
PLANTS – Plant the herbs in small pots and place them all on the tray. They will look decorative, and you will be able to pick them and add them to your food.

Alternative use
FRAGRANCE – Decorate the table with flowers. The micro garden will fit in with any decoration. You can put the flower in an egg holder, cup, jug.

Classic usage
TEA – The main application is serving tea. Serve it with flowers that will add a fragrant note to this ritual.