Folding garden tables are an ideal combination with Savanna garden chairs or Director’s chairs. The standard dimensions of the board are 60×60 cm, but tables of other dimensions can be made upon request. The height of the garden tables is 70 cm, and according to the specification, we also make tables of other dimensions. The board can be square, rectangular or round, composed of finely processed slats 2 cm thick and 7 cm wide. Between the slats, there is a space of up to 5 mm wide, which allows water to flow freely from the surface of the table because these tables are usually placed in gardens that are not covered or only have umbrellas or awnings, so the tables are typically left unprotected from rain. Therefore, our garden tables are characterized by a superior finish that contributes to their durability.

The garden tables go well with the director’s chairs or the Savana garden chairs.

These tables are easily portable, so we can deliver them to your home address. The price of transportation on the territory of Serbia is about 600 dinars by courier service. For a larger number of tables, this price can be significantly lower.